Keyboards are filthier than a toilet seat

Germs lurk on keyboards more than a toilet seat, at least, according to a study conducted by the University of Arizona.  In the study, scientists swabbed 33 computer keyboards and were shocked to learn that each one was teeming with illness-causing germs.  One keyboard was so nasty it had to be removed and quarantined. Four others were labeled “a potential health hazard.”

Similar studies have been conducted by other groups including the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia and Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  Scientists with the hospital study discovered the disturbing presence of two deadly drug-resistant forms of bacteria.  Another study conducted by CBT Nuggets revealed the shocking stat that a keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. 

Adding to the problem is the issue of shared keyboards as is the case with computer labs at schools and libraries. Other gross offenders are kiosk computers in airports and other public places.

After reading through the studies mentioned earlier, I couldn’t help but come to the following two conclusions: (1) humans have a false sense of security regarding where germs linger, and (2) We do a poor job keeping our work-spaces free from illness-causing bacteria.

The good news is, you don’t have to mobilize a hazmat team to mitigate and neutralize the infestation of bacteria in your office space.  Everything you need to disinfect your computer and office furnishings is available in the online cleaning supplies catalog of Melaleuca products or can be picked up from quick drive to your nearest Walgreens or Target.

You don’t need a full kit. Just keep the following 2 cleaning items ALWAYS at-the-ready in your office desk drawer:

(1) Disinfectant cleaning wipes (for keyboard, mouse, and desk surface)

(1) Microfiber cloth (for computer screen)

Build a disinfectant process into your daily routine.  It shouldn’t take more than 60 seconds.  Wipe down your keyboard, mouse, and desk surface.  Don’t forget the phone and door handle (if you have one).

You can schedule this cleaning routine as a regularly-occurring calendar event, or you could just keep the cleaning supplies next to your computer monitor as a constant reminder throughout the day.

Never before has cleanliness been so front-and-center in the minds of all people.  The coronavirus has heightened our attention to the ever-present danger of illness-causing bacteria around us.  Thankfully, with attention to a few simple preventative measures, including keeping office spaces clean, many more people will avoid getting sick as often.